The best Outriders mods explained

Want to know more about Outriders mods? Unlike most loot in the game, it’s not completely obvious how mods work. In the full game, you will be able to attach any mods that you have dismantled from old weapons to make weapons and armour even more effective, which is key to optimising your build..

Right now, you can’t really do much with mods in the demo. They’re simply just great perks that come with looted gear, but even the most lowly of gear can make your class skills more potent. Some provide better stats, but others can decrease your class skill cooldown, or better yet, give you additional uses for your skills.

Here are all of the Outriders mods that we’ve found in the demo so far. In this guide, you’ll find all of the weapon mods, which can be applied to all classes, and every single class-specific armour mod that you can find to bolster your skills and stats, or give you unique buffs. Let’s begin with how to find mods in the first place.

How to find mods in Outriders

To find Outriders mods, you just need to loot items. Once you’ve completed all of the quests and looted all of the chests, we recommend heading to any of the two main Outriders farming locations and trying to find any of the Outriders legendary weapons.

Any rare item (blue), epic item (pink), or legendary item (orange) has a mod attached to it. These are normally tied to the weapon, but if you dismantle the weapon, you’ll obtain the mod itself to affix onto a crafted weapon or armour piece. All of the weapon mods are usable by all classes, but any of the armour mods are class-specific.

Each mod is one of three tiers, with the rarity of the gear directly linked to how good the mod is. So basic mods tend to come from rare items, while the very best mods come from legendary gear. Currently there is no way to see what mods you have in your inventory, nor is there any way to craft items in the game – the NPC that handles weapon crafting is in the area you are about to go to when the demo ends.

Outriders weapon mods

Here is every single Outriders weapon mod that can be found in the demo:

Mod nameTierDescription
 Anomaly Enhancement1Receive bonus firepower equal to 5% of your ability power
Anomaly Surge1Critical shots spawn an Anomaly energy blast that deals damage in 1.5 metre radius
Ashen Bullets1Successful shots inflict Ash on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Bleeding Bullets1Successful shots inflict Bleed on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Burning Bullets1Successful shots inflict Burn on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Clip Combustion1Reloading weapons creates a shockwave that deals damage to enemies inside a five metre radius
Clip of Amalthea1There is a 20% chance that a critical shot won’t consume ammo
Critical Point1Increases the chance of inflicting a critical shot by 15%
Embalmer’s Rage1After a killing shot, all following shots will inflict critical damage for a few seconds
Essence Thief1Shots replenish some of your health
Fireworks1Shots create an explosion that deals damage to enemies within a six metre radius. Three second cooldown
First Things First1The first shot after every reload hits with Armor Piercing increased by 30%
Freezing Bullets1Successful shots inflict Freeze on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Fusion Blast1Shots create a fusion blast, dealing 414 damage within a five metre radius
Hot Blood1Shots pass through enemies whose health is below 50%, ricocheting to three enemies within a five metre radius, inflicting Burn
Killer Medic1Killing shots replenish health to allies within a five metre radius of the target
Life Stock1Reloading restores health for each enemy killed since your last reload without changing your weapon
Proliferation1Shots on enemies afflicted by a status condition inflict that status to the nearest enemy
Ricochet1Shots ricochet to another enemy within a five metre radius of the initial target
Ruler of Leeches1Killing shots increase weapon leech by 20% for 20 seconds
Shield Maiden1When shots damage enemies, they add a small amount of shield to your character
Snowsquall1Reloading a weapon inflicts Freeze on enemies previously wounded by the weapon, as long as you didn’t change it beforehand
Soul Devourer1Killing shots regenerate some of your health
Stiffening1Successful shots inflict Slow on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Toxic Bullets1Successful shots inflict Toxic on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Vampire1Killing shots grant 15% skill leech boost for 20 seconds
Vulnerability Bullets1Successful shots inflict Vulnerable on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Weakening Bullets1Successful shots inflict Weakness on enemies. Eight second cooldown
Bomb’s Ahead2Killing shots turn enemies into an anomaly bomb, dealing damage. Three second cooldown
Bone Shrapnel2Killing shots detonate the enemy’s bones and turn them into shrapnel that deals damage and inflicts Bleed on any enemy within a five metre radius. One second cooldown
Brain-eater2Critical shots do not consume ammo
Claymore2Successful shots damage an enemy with an anomaly blade
Clip Roller2When your magazine has 50% or less ammo left, you can roll to quickly reload all your equipped weapons
Crematorium2Killing shots create an explosion that inflicts Ash on enemies within a seven metre radius
Damage Link2Shots link up to two enemies, sharing 30% of their weapon damage dealt and 10% of their anomaly damage dealt. Four second cooldown
Death Chains2Successful shots entangle an enemy with chains dealing medium damage over three seconds. Four second cooldown
Gale of Protection2Killing shots grant you a bullet-stopping gale for five seconds
Icebreaker2Killing shots against frozen enemies make them explode to deal damage
Improved Ashen Bullets2Shots inflict Ash on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Bleeding Bullets2Shots inflict Bleed on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Burning Bullets2Shots inflict Burn on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Freezing Bullets2Shots inflict Freeze on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Stiffening2Shots inflict Slow on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Toxic Bullets2Shots inflict Toxic on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Vulnerability Bullets2Shots inflict Vulnerable on enemies. Four second cooldown
Improved Weakening Bullets2Shots inflict Weakness on enemies. Four second cooldown
Mark of the Stake2Reloading a weapon inflicts Burn on enemies previously wounded by this weapon as long as you didn’t switch it beforehand
Minefield2Weapon kills spawn explosives around your target. Each deals damage within a three metre radius. Six second cooldown
Perpetuum Mobile2Instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 30% or less ammo remaining in your magazine
Resistance Breaker2Shots decrease your target’s resistance by 35% for six seconds
Storm Whip2Shots bring down lightning on an enemy, dealing damage. Two second cooldown
Striga230% of critical damage is returned to you as health restoration
The Cycle2Increase your weapon damage in proportion to your health regeneration as a percentage
Vortex Chamber2Reloading a weapon inflicts Slow on enemies previously wounded by this weapon as long as you didn’t switch it beforehand
Golem Rising3Killing shots grant you a protective Golem effect for three seconds
Killing Spree3Killing shots increase damage by 30% for this weapon for 30 seconds. This stacks up to five kills and deteriorates with time.
Judgement Enforcer3Shot mark enemies. When you reload, deal five times your weapon’s damage to every marked enemy. This effect is removed upon switching weapons.
Moaning Winds3Reloading creates a strong blast around you, dealing 781 damage to enemies in a range of eight metres. Two second cooldown
Ravenous Locust3Shots create a swarm of locusts that deal damage over 15 seconds and inflicting Weakness to enemies remaining within a six metre radius of the target. Two second cooldown
Sandstorm3Shots conjure a sandstorm that deals damage over time
Scrap Grenade3First shot after reloading becomes an anomaly projectile, dealing damage within a five metre radius. One second cooldown
Singularity3Killing shots create an anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes, dealing damage to enemies within a 6.5 metre radius
Ultimate Ashen Bullets3Shots inflict Ash on enemies
Ultimate Bleeding Bullets3Shots inflict Bleed on enemies
Ultimate Burning Bullets3Shots inflict Burn on enemies
Ultimate Damage Link3Shots link up to three enemies, sharing 30% of their weapon damage dealt and 10% of their anomaly damage dealt
Ultimate Freezing Bullets3Shots inflict Freeze on enemies
Ultimate Stiffening3Shots inflict Slow on enemies
Ultimate Storm Whip3Shots bring down lightning on an enemy dealing damage
Ultimate Toxic Bullets3Shots inflict Toxic on enemies
Ultimate Vulnerability Bullets3Shots inflict Vulnerability on enemies
Ultimate Weakening Bullets3Shots inflict Weakness on enemies
Weakness Trap3Shots cause explosions, dealing damage and inflicting Weakness on enemies within a five metre radius of the target. Three second cooldown
Weightlessness3Shots inflict Time Rift on enemies. Time Rift lifts the enemy into the air for five seconds
Winter Blast3Critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts Freeze on enemies within a four metre radius

Outriders Technomancer mods

Here are all of the Technomancer mods that you can use to flesh out your best Outriders Technomancer builds:

Mod nameTierDescription
 Advanced Rockets1Pain Launcher: Every rocket deals more damage
Armor Reduction1Blighted Turret: Turret reduces the armour of each enemy t hits by 20%. Effect lasts for five seconds.
Bang for your Buck1Tool of Destruction: Activating this skill grants a 100% base ammo increases for the selected tool (rocket launcher or minigun)
Better Parts1Blighted Turret: Increase turret duration by 50%
Bonus Duration1Cryo Turret: Increase turret’s duration by 30%
Breathe In1Fixing Wave: Reduce skill’s cooldown by 20%
Cleansing Wind1Fixing Wave: Activating the skill removes negative statuses from allies and grants five seconds of immunity
Cold Purification1Cold Snap: Removes negative statuses and grants negative status immunity for five seconds when the skill is activated for you and any allies that are in range
Critical Analysis1Blighted Rounds: Increases critical damage by 30%
Demolition Man1Tool of Destruction: Rockets deal more damage
Feedback1Tool of Destruction: When the skill ends, you are healed for 3% of the total damage dealt with the minigun
Fine-tuned1Scrapnel: Increases the detection and explosion radius by 33%
Fortify1Tool of Destruction: Activating this skill grants an armour bonus
Freeze Barrage1Pain Launcher: Inflicts Freeze on enemies affected by rocket explosions
Hail Shot1Cryo Turret: Increase turret’s damage based on your status power
Ice Component1Blighted Turret: Turret inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic
Ice Pack1Cryo Turret: Turret heals allies for 30% of max health within a four metre radius when the ability ends
Increase Damage1Cyro Turret: Every turret’s shot deals additional damage
Initial Blast1Pain Launcher: Causes a small explosion, dealing damage in a five metre radius when this skill is activated
More Damage1Scrapnel: Increases the skill’s damage
More Traps1Scrapnel: This skill can be used one additional time before triggering the cooldown
No Pain, No Gain1Blighted Rounds: When this skill ends, 40% of damage dealt by this skill is turned into healing and spread among allies equally
Portable Armory1Tool of Destruction: You can fire one additional rocket
Rain of Pain1Pain Launcher: Decrease the skill’s cooldown by 34%
Spare Mag1Blighted Rounds: This skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown
Surprise1Cyro Turret: The turret explodes before being destroyed, dealing damage in a six metre radius
Trick up the Sleeve1Blighted Rounds: While this skill is active, killing shots grant you 30% extra bullets in your magazine
Untouchable1Tool of Destruction: Activating the minigun grants 15% resistance bonus
Phantom Dash2During combat your default roll is replaced with Phantom Dash, which enables you to quickly pass through enemies
Power from the Ashes2Killing shots on enemies afflicted with Ash increases your anomaly power for 20 seconds. Stacks up to four times
What Goes Around2Incoming bullets have 20% chance of being deflected towards an enemy, dealing damage.
Cannonade3Pain Launcher: Increases the number of rockets launched by ten
Head of the Ward3Reviving an ally also fully restores their health
Quartermaster3Fixing Wave: Activating the skill replenishes one weapon magazine for each ally. 45 second cooldown
Rocket Man3Tool of Destruction: You can shoot three additional rockets
Sharp Eye3Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you additional firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to three times
Trap Cluster3Doubles the number of mines that can be thrown before triggering the cooldown

Outriders Pyromancer mods

Here are all of the Pyromancer mods that you can craft armour with to make your best Outriders Pyromancer builds even better:

Mod nameTierDescription
 Anomaly Hunger1Feed the Flames: Increases the skill’s damage by the value of your skill leech
Armor Melting1Volcanic Rounds: Decreases the target’s armour by 20% for ten seconds
Ash Grasp1Thermal Bomb: Inflicts Ash on enemies within a five metre radius of an enemy that’s about to explode from this skill
Big Boom1Thermal Bomb: Increases explosion radius by 20%
Blacksmith1Overheat: Each status condition consumed by this skill grants an armour bonus for eight seconds
Bullet Absorption1Feed the Flames: Replenish 20% of ammo in your magazine for every enemy affected by this skill
Burning Ground1Thermal Bomb: Exploding targets leave a patch of burning ground. All enemies in this area are afflicted with Burn and receive damage over ten seconds
Burnt-Out1Heatwave: Damaged enemies take 35% more damage over eight seconds
Cinders1Overheat: Skill consumes Ash instead of Burn
Ember Shield1Overheat: Each status consumed by this skill increases your resistance by 10% for ten seconds. Stacks up to five times.
Extra Mag1Volcanic Rounds: This skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown
Final Breath1Feed the Flames: Health drain efficiency is increased by 25%
Fire Eater1Feed the Flames: Increases health drain efficiency against targets with Burn by 150%
Fire Frenzy1Thermal Bomb: You can use this skill twice before triggering the cooldown
Heat Leech1Heatwave: Increases skill leech by 10% for five second after using Heatwave
Hellfire1Heatwave: If this skill damages three enemies, all subsequent enemies receive additional damage
Inferno Wave1Heatwave: Increases damage dealt to enemies from this skill
Irradiation Wave1Heatwave: Inflicts Weakness on enemies hit by this skill
Lasting Fire1Thermal Bomb: Increase the time in which killing an affected enemy will cause an explosion by three seconds
Nova1Feed the Flames: Increase skill range by 100%
Pants On Fire1Overheat: Increase the damage to enemies who were damaged by this skill, but did not have their status consumed
Phoenix Force1Overheat: Earn additional anomaly power per status consumed by this skill for eight seconds. Stacks up to ten times
Pompeii1Eruption: This skill can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown
Pure Power1F.A.S.E.R Beam: Increases damage dealt by this skill
Radiation Flames1Volcanic Rounds: Enemies damaged with this skill are also afflicted with Weakness
Reload Boost1Volcanic Rounds: Grants 50% weapon power bonus after this skill ends for five seconds
Ride the Wave1Heatwave: This skill can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown
Sunburnt1Overheat: Increases damage to enemies that have their statuses consumed by Overheat
Third Degree1Overheat: Increase weapon damage against enemies damaged by this skill by 25% for eight seconds
True Blast1Thermal Bomb: Increase explosion damage
Wide Grip1Feed the Flames: Enables absorption of one additional target
Wildfire1Thermal Bomb: Inflicts Burn on every enemy damaged by Thermal Bomb’s explosion
Branded3Thermal Bomb: Enemies affected by this skill receive 40% additional damage
Detonator3Overheat: Decrease this skill’s cooldown by 50%
Double Fun3Thermal Bomb: This skill can affect two targets
Flame Grasper3Feed the Flames: Enables absorption of two additional targets
Power Assimilation3Boosts your anomaly power by a fixed amount for each Elite present on the battlefield

Outriders Devastator mods

If you want to make all of the best Outriders Devastator builds even more powerful, here are all of the Devastator mods available:

Mod nameTierDescription
Armor Boost1Earthquake: Grants you armour for each enemy affected by the skill. Effect lasts ten seconds and stacks up to ten times.
Auto Reflect1Reflect Bullets: You can now fight while this skill is active, but you cannot manually deactivate the skill and it only negates 50% of the damage.
Bleeding Impulse1Golem: When the skill is active, spawn radial impulses that inflict Bleed on nearby foes
Blood Primer1Reflect Bullets: All reflected bullets apply Bleed status
Blood Shock1Earthquake: Inflicts Bleed on enemies affected by the skill
Bloody Crush1Gravity Leap: Inflicts Bleed on enemies affected by the skill
Bullet Acceleration1Reflect Bullets: Increases the damage of reflected bullets
Despair1Gravity Leap: Enemies within the damage radius of this skill receive double anomaly damage for five seconds
Earth’s Legacy1Earthquake: Increases skill range by 60%
Extra Quake1Earthquake: This skill can be activated one additional time before triggering the cooldown
Extra Time1Reflected Bullets: Increases skill duration by 20%
Give Me More1Tremor: Receive one additional explosion
Golem of Death1Golem: When Golem is active, extend its duration by 1.5 seconds for every enemy killed while active
Ground Crush1Earthquake: Increase skill’s base damage
Heal per Kill1Earthquake: Each enemy killed with Earthquake restores 10% of health to all allies in a 20 metre radius around you
Hollow Point1Reflected Bullets: All reflected bullets apply Vulnerable status
Human Comet1Gravity Leap: Increase the skill’s damage
Impaler1Impale: This skill can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown
Life Absorption1Gravity Leap: Heal for 100% of the damage dealt, or 200% if your target dies
Mosh Pit1Endless Mass: Inflicts Vulnerable on all enemies pulled by this skill
Panzer Drain1Earthquake: Damaging enemies with this skill steals 33% of their armour. This effect lasts five seconds.
Perseverance1Golem: Increase skill duration by 50%
Primal Armor1Boulderdash: Double your armour when this skill ends for ten seconds
Primal Constitution1Boulderdash: Each enemy you damage increases your maximum health for ten seconds. Effect stacks up to five times
Primal Gutting1Melee attack: Inflicts Bleed on all affected enemies
Primal Rage1Boulderdash: Reduces this skill’s cooldown by 50%
Primal Weakness1Melee attack: Permanently reduce the resistance for all affected enemies
Resistance1Golem: When this skill is active, increase your resistance by 33%
Restoration1Impale: Increase health regeneration bonus for players near impaled enemies
Rivers of Blood1Impale: Increases skill damage by 50% to enemies affected by Bleed
Sharpened Spike1Impale: This skill deals more damage
Shattered Armor1Endless Mass: Increase weapon damage against enemies affected by Endless Mass by 10% for ten seconds
Spike Forest1Impale: This skill can strike an additional target
Stolen Life1Tremor: Increases the percentage healed per affected enemy by 6%
The Strongest First1Reflected Bullets: The enemy with the most health takes 50% additional damage
Vlad’s Grasp1Impale: Increase the skill’s range by 25%
Increase duration3Reflected Bullets: Increases skill’s duration by 40%
Life of the Party3Incoming damage is reduced by 5% for each enemy in close range. Stacks sup to eight times
Not Impressed3Reduces the damage taken from Elites by 20%
Palisade3Impale: This skill can strike two additional targets
Primal Chaingun3Boulderdash: Every enemy damaged by Boulderdash increases your weapon damage by 20% for five seconds. Stacks up to five times.
Ultimate Impaler3Impale: This skill can be activated two more times before triggering cooldown
Wide Horizons3Endless Mass: Increases the skill’s radius by 25%

Outriders Trickster mods

To get the most out of your best Outriders Trickster builds, here is a list of all of the Trickster mods:

Mod nameTierDescription
Additional Mag1Twisted Rounds: This skill is effective for two magazines before triggering the cooldown
Anomalic Caliber1Twisted Rounds: Receive 30% resistance piercing bonus while the skill is active
Anomaly Cut1Venator’s Knife: Shots on enemies marked by the knife receive anomaly damage
Apply Shield1Temporal Blade: Killing enemies with Temporal Blade grants 5% of shield
Armor of Eons1Borrowed Time: Activating the skill increases your armour by 100% for ten seconds
Backstabber1Hunt the Prey: Using the skill deals damage to the enemy you teleported behind
Big Range1Slow Trap: Increases the sphere’s range by one metre
Blue Blood1Twisted Rounds: Receive 10% weapon leech bonus while the skill is active
Cut Loose1Temporal Blade: Reduces the skill’s cooldown by 20%
Damage Mitigation1Slow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 20% less damage
Dance of Death1Hunt the Prey: Decreases this skill’s cooldown
Delivery on Time1Slow Trap: Activating the skill replenishes ammo for the current weapon of all allies in range
Double Stop1Temporal Blade: Increases the duration of the inflicted paralysis by 100%
Duration1Cyclone Slice: Adds five seconds to the skill’s duration
Grand Bastion1Cyclone Slice: Using the skill reduces incoming weapon damage and anomaly damage by 35%
No Escape1Venator’s Knife: Increases the skill’s effective range between targets by 25%
Healing Slice1Cyclone Slice: Receive health for each enemy killed with this skill
Radiation Jump1Hunt the Prey: Inflict Vulnerable to the enemy you teleport behind
Sharpening1Venator’s Knife: Increase the skill’s damage
Shield Evoker1Cyclone Slice: Killing enemies with this skill grants 5% shield
Slasher1Temporal Blade: This skill can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown
Speed Boost1Slow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 2% movement speed bonus
Speed Up1Cyclone Slice: Allows 25% faster movement while the skill is active
Stare into the Barrel1Grants a moderate firepower increase for each enemy in close range
Strong Slice1Temporal Blade: Increases the skill’s damage
Strong Twist1Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active, increase the weapon’s firepower by an additional 15%
Thunder Dome1Slow Trap: Receive 100% shield when the skill ends
Time Blast1Hunt the Prey: Apply Slow to all enemies in a five metre radius around the enemy you teleport behind
Time Crack1Time Rift: Enemies affected by this skill have both armour and resistance decreased by 25% for five seconds
Time Space Protection1Borrowed Time: Receive armour and 30% resistance bonus while the skill is active
Twisted Fate1Twisted Rounds: Receive 30% critical damage bonus while the skill is active
Weakening the Prey1Hunt the Prey: Interrupt and inflict Weakness to the enemy you teleport behind
Weakening Zone1Slow Trap: Enemies entering the sphere are afflicted with Weakness
Weaklings1Temporal Blade: Inflicts Weakness on enemies hit by Temporal Blade
Diffuse2Sprinting increases your armour, and gives you +50% resistance
Pain Transfer2Time Rift: Damage dealt to one affected enemy will be transferred to another affected enemy
Shield Zap2When your shield is active, it spawns an electric shock around you that deals damage to a random enemy within a five metre radius. On a successful hit, it ricochets to another target. Three second cooldown
Aggressive Teleportation3Reverting time creates an explosion around you
Ammo Bargain3Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots replenish 20% of the ammo in your magazine
Death Shell3Borrowed Time: Killing enemies while this skill is active reduces incoming weapon damage and anomaly damage by 10% each for ten seconds. Stacks up to four times and the buff is removed at the end of the skill
Shield of the Fallen3Twisted Rounds: When the skill ends, add 15% of your max health as shields for each enemy killed by the skill
Ultimate Big Range3Slow Trap: Increases the sphere range by two metres

And those are all of the Outriders mods. Just remember that there’s no harm in dismantling your farmed loot to salvage the mods to use in crafting new gear in the full game. While you’re here, we have a summary of all of the Outriders classes, including our recommendation for which class is currently the best one to choose.

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